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Nature and Wildlife

Sharing an amazing natural environment with our guests

We have an amazing variety of habitats and wildlife on our farm – 30 acres of Cornish wildflower meadows, woodland, wetland, a lake and hedgerows. We care for our land and encourage everyone who stays at Bosinver to make the most of this little piece of Cornish heaven.

We have a number of interpretation areas around our site with information on the different habitats and what can be found growing and living there. We’ve got a variety of wildlife and nature-related books which people can borrow and guests can borrow a birdfeeder to take part in our Big Bosinver Birdwatch.

Birds at Bosinver

Birds such as chaffinches, blackbirds, robins and tits nest in our hedges and trees – and we are lucky enough to have swallows returning every summer to nest in our barn. Thanks to Tevi funding we have been able to install a nestbox camera and you can watch live footage of the swallow fledglings in their nest at Bosinver – turn up the volume to hear their sounds!

We have given a home to some hedgehogs from a local sanctuary – we hope they’ve settled in, we haven’t seen them much but we do have lots of lovely places for them to hide!

The most visible wildlife is of course the Bosinver bunnies, ever a favourite with our guests.  But look and listen a little closer and you might see Canada geese on the lake or buzzards calling above the fields.  If you go quietly down by the lake you might even spot elusive visitors to our lake area such as a heron or an otter!

Wonderful wild flowers

Our lane and areas around the lake and Wild Kids Hut are full of wildflowers in spring – snowdrops, followed by primroses, red campion and bluebells. May is a particularly beautiful time at Bosinver and in Cornwall generally because of all the wildflowers – who can resist a carpet of buttercups or a cliff top awash with thrift?

At Bosinver we are doing our best to encourage insect life too – we have sown the meadows with plants such as Red Bartsia and Yellow Rattle that are good for butterflies and bees – and with the help of some of our younger guests we built a great Bug Hotel down by the lake to encourage people to do the same at home.

Take part in one of our woodland nature trails

We love sharing our love for nature with our guests and always have recommendations for great places to visit or trips to go on to see the best wildlife in Cornwall – dolphins are often seen on the local ferries and wildlife watching trips from Falmouth and Penzance even sometimes see basking sharks and even whales! Our onsite woodland nature trails and Big Bosinver Birdwatch will keep the little ones amused too – who knows, they might even be inspired to become the next David Attenborough!

Here’s a video featuring our work with the Cornwall Sustainable Tourism’s Reboot project showing what we have done in our farm to help pollinators such as bees and butterflies thrive here:

CoaST ReBoot: Positive Pollination and Positive Habitat. from manda brookman on Vimeo.