Add animal feeding to your Cornish family holiday

animal feeding taking place at holiday cottages in Cornwall. Mum and toddler enjoying feeding the ducks

We’ve been lucky enough to share Bosinver with hundreds and hundreds of families over the past 25 years, and if there’s one thing that we know for sure, it’s that our guests absolutely love animal feeding in the mornings! You’ll note we’ve not just said the children either; there’s something about having a cheeky sheep or goat eating from your hand that brings a smile to guests of all ages.

Let’s tell you a little be more about how it works during your holiday…

When is animal feeding?

We’re going to let you in on a little secret; our farm animals are up for being fed most of the time, which is why we run our sessions at 9.30am every morning of the week. The great news with this is that it doesn’t matter what day you arrive, or how long you’re staying for, you’re going to get a go!

How many goes? You can come once, twice, three times, or if you’re like many of our guests, start every day of your holiday with animal feeding! It’s completely up to you… it’s your holiday after all!

children enjoying feeding the chickens at holiday cottages in Cornwall

Where is animal feeding?

Worried you’ll have to walk miles? Think again; our animals are in a central location, so just a short walk from any of our cottages. Whilst they’re not into sharing their food too much, one thing they will share is the incredible views across the valley. If you’re looking for a holiday that’s in gorgeous countryside, then you’ll have a moment when you realise you’re hand-feeding a sheep in one of the most magical places you’ll visit.

Which animals will you be feeding?

We’re referring to ‘animals’ a lot, aren’t we? So, who’s in the gang? A great place to start is with the cockerel, who very much rules the roost over our hens. You might have seen his cock-a-doodle-do on social media and that sound very much means that animal feeding is starting. Then there’s the ducks, the sheep, the cheekiest of goats…. and of course, the chance to grab your very own egg from the chickens for breakfast!

boy collecting eggs as part of animal feeding mornings at holiday cottages in Cornwall

Confidence for kids

If your children aren’t confident or familiar with farm animals, then this is still a great activity for you. From the chickens to the goats, they’re all incredibly good with children and are used to being around them. Let Farmer Dave or Paul know when you arrive and they’ll make sure you have an awesome experience.

girl feeding goat during animal feeding slot at holiday cottages in Cornwall

All included

There’s no need to pay extra to feed our animals – it’s all included in the price of your holiday. In fact, that’s not all you get. We offer an enormous £475 worth of fun and facilities during your stay! This includes animal feeding, pony rides, our indoor heated pool, a gym, sauna and tennis courts… and a whole lot more.

You can take a closer look at everything that’s included in your stay here.

If you like the sound of a Cornish holiday getaway, complete with friendly animals to feed, head to our availability page to see when you can stay. See you soon!

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