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This year I have mixed feelings about Christmas. Part of me wants to throw myself into the whole festive cheer of the season and enjoy making wonderful memories with my grandchildren. Another part of me hates what Christmas means for the planet and how much damage is done through mindless consumerism and all the plastic generated to make tinsel, glitter and toys like the awful xx dolls I found recently on the beach.


This year, I’ve been thinking carefully about how I can make changes in my own life, to find a way to celebrate Christmas and enjoy wonderful times with my family in ways that have the least impact on the environment. For me that means avoiding buying new plastic, but perhaps making use of preloved plastic things that are already in existence — better than throwing it in landfill! Or it might mean focussing on experiences and finding gifts which involve spending time and doing new things with my family and friends rather than giving them ‘stuff’ that they probably don’t want.


I’m sharing these ideas for gifts and ways to make Christmas more sustainable as posts. on Instagram @Action_Nan and will eventually make them into a little ebook which I will share on this blog. There are a few suggestions to shop local, which for me is in Cornwall but I’m sure there are wonderful businesses around the globe that could do with local community support.


I hope you find some of this stuff helpful and I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions too.  Merry Christmas!

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