A hopeful eco story – from little acorns, mighty oaks grow

Freddie and Pat talk about saving the planet

Our business at Bosinver has always had sustainability at its heart. Our fields are farmed organically and not drenched in chemicals. Our electricity is generated by renewable technologies wherever possible and we take great care to buy from local and ethical suppliers.


Bosinver guests often comment and chat about the ‘green’ choices we make – the quirky locally sourced furnishings such as our Tom Raffield steam bent lampshades, the efficiency and cost of the solar panels and heat pumps and the beautiful welcome bouquets from Cornish Farm flowers just a few miles down the road.


Some of the choices we make are behind the scenes, but second nature to us – such as choosing a green energy supplier, supporting the work of the Cornwall Wildlife trust, rehoming hedgehogs from Prickles and Paws and creating wildlife habitats around the farm. We hope that seeing what we do will influence and encourage our visitors to consider making similar choices when they return home.


This is certainly the case with my ‘Plastic Not So Fantastic’ showcase in the swimming pool foyer, where I have information and a small display of the plastic items I have collected on my beach cleans. This leads to many discussions about my work and even guests coming along to join in beach cleaning with me.


Our plastic pollution display by the pool at Bosinver



Plastic Not So Fantastic Box


Inside our Plastic Is Not So Fantastic Box


Recently I was thrilled to bits to hear from one of our guests that his son Freddie had been so impressed that on his return to school he joined the ‘Save the World Club’ and asked his teacher to show an online video of me and my environmental work.


When I heard about it I offered a book prize for the teacher to award – “Who’s Cleaning The Sea” by a wonderful children’s author Janina Rossiter. Here is a photo of Freddie with the book and an excerpt from the school newsletter talking about me!


Freddie with his prize from Action Nan: Whos cleaning the sea? by Janina Rossiter


Freddie's school newsletter article about Pat's environmental work



I can’t tell you how proud this made me to think I had the ability to influence children I had never met who live hundreds of miles away from me. I must admit that despite the never ending stream of depressing news about the damage we are inflicting on our natural world, my hope lies with the youth of today who seem to be prepared to put themselves forward to do something about it.


Find out more about Green Bosinver and what we’re doing to support the environment


You can also find out more about my environmental campaigns and some helpful information by following me on Instagram @Action_Nan, and on Facebook and Twitter @ActionNan

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