A mountain of packaging

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Packaging… try as you might, sometimes you just can’t get away from it.


While we try and buy as much as we can locally, sometimes ordering online is the only option e.g. due to time constraints or lack of available items in the local area). One of the big problems with this, and something we don’t have any control over, is how the items are packaged.

We were amazed that the six kites we bought (all from the same company) were individually packed in huge cardboard boxes, when the could all have easily fitted in to one.

While we’ll recycle or reuse the cardboard they came in, this is an incredible waste of resources that could have been avoided.

With more and more people buying online, this is something companies really need to start thinking about. If anyone’s got any tips for how to reduce packaging when ordering online (or if there are any particular companies who are good at minimising waste/packaging), we’d love to hear your thoughts.

PS: On a brighter note, the kites we ordered were very good! Several families tried them out over half term and gave them the thumbs up.

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