An Alternative Advent Calendar

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When we think of Advent calendars, we typically think of little chocolates hidden behind brightly coloured doors. Each morning, in the build up to Christmas, little feet bounce eagerly down the stairs ready to open another door of the Advent to countdown to the big day. It’s the only time of year that chocolate is acceptable before breakfast in my house!

In the past few years’ retailers have been adding random plastic gifts which can include anything from Hot Wheels cars to Lego. Adults are spoilt with luxurious beauty products, perfumes or jewellery hidden in drawers of an intricately designed calendar. Whilst wonderful, these elaborate ideas are not only expensive but, are not sustainable as they contain an abundance of plastic and unnecessary packaging which are often thrown in the bin the next day!

Christmas is a magical time of year, but for some this can be coupled with the worry of being able to afford the added costs that this time of year brings. Therefore, instead of the traditional countdown to Christmas, we would like to encourage you to try something different this year…the Reverse Advent Calendar.

What is the Reverse Advent calendar?

The idea is simple, collect 24 groceries and toiletry items over as many days from a carefully prepared list, that can be delivered to your nearest food bank in time for Christmas. To find yours, type your location followed by Food Bank into Google e.g St Austell Food Bank. This kind act will remind the whole family that Christmas is not just about receiving but giving too.

Want to get involved?

Start by downloading our free ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’ PDF, you will see that each box on the calendar relates to a different food or toiletry item. Then, choose a day to start, we suggest starting before 1st December to allow plenty of time for the donations to reach families in time for the big day. There are 24 in total, from toilet rolls to Christmas pudding.
We guarantee this act of kindness will give you the feel-good factor this Christmas, knowing you have helped a local family in difficult time; it might even be the start of a new tradition for you and your family.

Have you been inspired to support your local food bank with a reverse advent calendar? If you do, we would love to see them. Connect with us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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