Shop local…featuring the team at Boddington’s Berries

Sign at entrance of Boddington's Berries, Mevagissey, Cornwall

Here at Bosinver we are committed to supporting local suppliers for our goods and services wherever possible. Not only do you keep the local economy and workforce thriving but you get authentic, often superior products and build the support and trust of 2 way relationships.

Just a few miles away on the hillside above Mevagissey is Boddington’s Fruit farm. It’s a third generation business which started growing flowers and vegetables after the shortages following the Second World War.

Strawberries became the most successful and profitable crop and in the 1960’s the decision was taken to specialise in growing the best varieties. This was followed in 2001 by making high fruit content strawberry jam with no additives, just lemon juice and sugar as you would if making it in your kitchen at home.


Phil and Louise Boddington


Phil and Louise Boddington now run the business growing strawberries for Pick your Own and local markets plus a variety of fruit jams, conserves, strawberry vinegar and chutneys which are sold all over the world.

We use their jam in the cream teas we provide as a welcome to our guests and it is absolutely delicious. I popped up to collect some a few weeks ago and managed to take a few photos whilst I was there. It’s a delightful spot with views over the harbour across to Fowey.


Boddington's strawberry jam is mad e with no additives, just lemon and sugar


Every product comes with a story and it makes me proud to be showcasing and supporting some of the best craftspeople and producers to be found in Cornwall. More to come ………..

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