Bosinver Farm Cottages at the 2010 Cornwall Tourism Awards

Tourism awards placed on a white abstract shelving unit

Last Thursday night saw an array of the great and the good involved in Cornish Tourism gathered together at the St Mellion Golf Club for the presentation of the Cornwall Tourism Awards. Bosinver was lucky to come in the top 3 and we were presented with a lovely glass commerative plaque by my hero, Ben Fogle, which has taken pride of place on the office desk for all to admire.We hope that it convinces you all that we are still offering amongst the best standards of accommodation and service that you can find anywhere in Cornwall!

We had some very sad news last month when Alfie arrived to feed Tinker and Lovejoy early one morning to find Tinker very poorly. He called the vet but unfortunately Tinker died before the vet arrived. It was a tearful day for us all, especially as it was such a shock as it was Lovejoy who had been poorly last Winter and Tinker seemed perfectly healthy – even giving rides at Lanlivery Traction Rally the day before. He was 21 and Alfie had reared and trained him from a baby so he was devastated. Luckily Lovejoy seems to be quite happy grazing amongst our sheep and not pining too much for his friend.

The past two weeks have seen some fabulous autumn weather here in Cornwall. The skies have been powder blue and bright, warm sunshine every day. I spent some time on Charlestown Beach on tuesday with my grandchildren and it was just like a summer’s day with everyone in T shirts and shorts sunbathing and swimming in the sea! We have empty farm cottages at this time of year and October is often warm and sunny – so make a note and come and enjoy Cornwall next year and have the place to yourselves when the crowds have gone!

The Wild Kids club has been a huge success – many dens have been built, various creatures scooped out of the pond and identified, campfires lit and marshmallows toasted. We are planning a session for half term week, doing spooky things in the dark. All of you who are coming from 22nd October, don’t fortet to bring your Hallowe’en costumes and pumpkin carving kit. Nooney enjoyed it so much that he is now attending a training course for Forest School Leaders so next year he should be even better! (not possible I hear you cry – he was brilliant!) We spotted an amazing lime green furry caterpillar on a tree last week and identified him as a Pale Tussock Moth caterpillar. He was so cool and I have never seen one before.

Another first has happened for Bosinver – we have been included in a novel. Brian Phillipson is a prolific author and he stayed at Bosinver a while ago. He had a lovely time and remembered his time in the Farmhouse so clearly that he set a chapter of his latest novel ‘Ares Rising’ in Bosinver Farmhouse. Quite an honour.

Autumn is here with the nights drawing in and the trees losing their leaves. We suffer here from leaf drop as we have so many trees and as fast as we clear them up, more fall and you have to begin again. The colours are fabulous and I have taken a photo of Veronica with the lovely red leaves of the maple tree alongside. We had a bumper crop of runner beans and have been turning them into our famous Runner Bean Chutney – it’s fab – please email me if you’d like a copy of the recipe.

This weekend we had a family get together at Bosinver. 30 of us sat down together and ate Sunday lunch in the Farmhouse. It was fantastic – we had a giant piece of beef from Lobbs Farm Shop at Heligan and it was scrumtious. Extra tables were moved in and everyone said they had a great time. The Farmhouse is a lovely house for entertaining and the Aga helps with cooking and serving up food for large groups. You should come and try if for your next family celebration.

We are all getting ready to start our new Eco house.- it will be built at the top of the field above the Play Barn, facing due south and using the Earth’s energy to power itself and feed electricity back into the grid via Photovoltaic panels on the roof. Full details and photos will come in my next blog!

Best wishes to all of you


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