Car-free days out in Cornwall

Three canoes full of adults and children canoeing down a river in Cornwall. Two young boys in opposite canoes are splashing each other.

At Bosinver, we’re very aware of the fragile balance of the environment, and our aim is to give all our guests the best possible holiday while minimising our impact on the environment and preserving Cornwall for future generations to enjoy.


From recycling to buying local produce and using public transport, there’s a lot we can all do to help protect the environment. If every family who came to Cornwall on holiday chose not to use their car for just for one day, it would mean thousands of fewer cars on the roads.

While having a family day out without a car might take a little more planning, using an alternative mode of transport – whether you choose to travel on foot, by train, bike or boat – can also up the fun factor and make it into a memorable adventure.

Go green and get inspired to explore Cornwall with our ‘50 things to do without a car from Bosinver’ ebook.

This handy guide to days out in Cornwall from Bosinver without using a car is packed full of suggestions to keep the whole family entertained. Fancy getting out on the water? Try no.12 – Go canoeing Canadian style. Keen on cycling? Take a look at no. 18 – Explore the Pentewan Valley by bike.


Or for a fun family day out which takes in some of the most spectacular views in Cornwall, opt for no. 27 – A day out in St Ives by train. This trip is one of Nanny Pat’s favourites – you can read all about her most recent visit to St Ives with grandchildren Wilf and Megan in her blog post.

And of course, once you’re at Bosinver, there’s so much to do that don’t actually have to go out – unless you want to. From animal feeding and egg collecting to swimming in our heated indoor pool, exploring the woods, whizzing down the zip wire, making dens and discovering wildlife with our Wild Kids club (and that’s just for starters!) there’s plenty to keep kids of all ages entertained for hours.


Have you tried out any of our car-free family days out – or discovered any of your own? We’d love to hear about your adventures.

Share the love – if you’ve enjoyed using our 50 things to do without a car from Bosinver ebook, why not pass it on to family and friends?

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