Celebrating Dog Day at the Jubilee Pool in Penzance

Group of dogs and owners getting into the water at Jubilee Pool in Penzance

Once a year on the last day of the season Penzance’s art deco lido is opened up especially to celebrate  ‘Dog Day’. Customers and their furry friends are invited to bathe together in the large triangular art deco open-air Jubilee Pool. It’s the largest sea water pool in the UK, boasting a main pool, learner pool and geothermal pool.

A friend suggested we might go down to Marazion first for lunch at the Godolphin hotel, fabulously situated on the coast with views over St Michael’s Mount and miles of glorious beaches. Dogs are made very welcome here with their own water bowl and treats supplied whilst their owners tuck in to their meal.

Jubilee Pool is on the famous promenade and a prominent Penzance landmark. A stream of dogs and their owners were coming and going through the famous gates when we arrived. I didn’t quite know what to expect but canines of all sizes and description were milling around in and out of the pool with their owners. The old changing cubicles were a challenge, most of them had no doors, so a bit of fancy towel coverage was required.

We started off in the shallow paddling pool and I must admit Stan was not the keenest of participants! He does love to swim but mostly when chasing sticks or balls that I throw, not just for swimming’s sake.

We graduated to the main pool and it involved me carrying him in for a quick paddle as he raced back to the edge to clamber out again, duration one minute……. I must admit I was not tempted to stay in much longer myself as it was freezing cold. I looked around and realised I was the only person in the pool without a wetsuit on!

Fear not those of you not fancying the idea of a dip in a pool which has been full of dogs, this is the final day of the season and the pool will be emptied and deep cleaned afterwards.

This is a once a year ticketed event, for more information please see https://jubileepool.co.uk/event/dog-day/


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