Clean and Green, that’s our housekeeping team!

Scores on our Post Stay Visitor Surveys for Cleanliness regularly top the 90+% mark which is a real testament to the love, care and hard work shown by our Head Housekeeper Helen and her team.

Every January the cottages are deep cleaned which is no mean feat with only a 5 week window when we are closed to guests. The team has to dive in and out working around a horde of tradesmen, decorators, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and all manner of alterations which leave behind a trail of dust and debris to clean up.

The logistics for all of us are really challenging – 46 bathrooms, 20 kitchens, 57 bedrooms, 81 duvets 218 pillows 81 mattresses, you get the picture , not to mention the mileage of floors to scrub and carpets, windows and curtains to clean. Helen, with her years of experience runs it all with military precision.


She has carefully chosen the cleaning products which do the best job and are kind to the Environment. We try and use local suppliers wherever possible and our most used products come from a one lady business (Innoscent cleaning) just a few miles down the road who has replicated recipes from her Grandmother to create a small range of products which cater for most of our cleaning needs. All the products come in bulk refillable containers which are decanted into reusable bottles.

Our basic supplies such as Toilet rolls (recycled paper) e cloths, e mops and polish are from ‘Green my Business’ or Llanwroc Supplies.

We have been unsuccessful in finding products to replace certain plastic items – for instance wooden dish brushes and loo brushes soon go black and unsightly and the loofah type scourers are hopeless at tackling the likes of dried on scrambled egg and spaghetti bolognaise!

The recent Covid outbreak provided us with some big challenges and to comply with the regulations – cleaning took almost twice as long. This necessitated a bigger window on changeover days so a later arrival time for incoming guests. Laundry challenges were massive too as e were advised not to touch used bedding. This resulted in marks being washed in at the laundry and thus ruining our bedding as we weren’t able to pre treat the stains.

Nevertheless, we managed to get the job done due to the hard work and dedication of the team and the understanding of the majority of our guests, for which we are very thankful.

Helen is going to be  a regular feature on our Facebook and Instgram pages to share some of the cleaning challenges she has encountered and her top tips for dealing with them.

Watch out for ‘Helen’s Housekeeping Hints’ COMING SOON!

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