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Most of the children who visit Bosinver Farm Cottages are already fans of Farmer Dave and parents tell us that they talk about him a lot when they get home. We thought it would be a great idea for them to keep in touch with Bosinver news and to have some fun with competitions, art work and projects based around Bosinver experiences and so the fan club has arrived! Every child who joins will receive a goody bag of surprises and a fan club badge plus the chance of winning a competition prize.

All you need to do is click here, fill in the form and hey presto you are a member! The day to day news and photos will be on our facebook page or on the website home page facebook symbol to join in the fun. Children will join with fun names like ‘rubber duck ‘or ‘tractor sam’ so there will be no worries for parents about revealing their id!

The school holidays have arrived and we are bursting at the seams here at Bosinver. Pat has been visiting the grandchildren in Brighton and had an opportunity to attend the Firle Forest school. What a revelation! I have been following the discussion on nature deficit syndrome and the effect it has on our urban children, being constantly supervised and never experiencing free play in the woods, den building , tree climbing and so on.

Forest schools allow children the chance to sample some of these things and learn about nature and wildlife in the raw – things most of us adults took for granted as we were growing up in a less pressurised society, without the need to be constantly stimulated by electronic gadgetry. So – we are going to run some ‘wild kids cornwall’ sessions down in our woods for the next few weeks and go wild in the woods. I’ll let you know how we get on!

Our fund of things to borrow has seen the office bursting at the seams so I have bought a small shed and put it alongside the office to house the buckets and spades, body boards, noodles and outside games equipment. What a good idea it has turned out to be. Here’s a photo of Helen plus helpful holiday guest looking very pleased with themselves after heaving the shed into position. I wonder where Dave was?

Something to make you smile. Small guest Rory was riding Secret up the drive when he did a poo. Undeterred, he jumped off at the end of his ride, ran down to the stables and grabbed the giant shovel, which was almost as big as him, walked back up to the pile of poo and scooped it up and carried it back to the stable. A farmer in the making! Well done Rory.

I hope you all have a great summer and will write again soon.


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