Fun family beach adventures in Cornwall this summer

Two children playing on a beach with armbands on.

Every family is different, but with over 300 miles of coastline, Cornwall has many different kinds of beaches and many different seaside adventures to offer families. Here are a few suggestions of fun things to do on the beach this summer.



You can discover so many intriguing creatures and plants in Cornwall’s rockpools. From sea urchins to starfish, this is a really lovely way to discover new wildlife. You may just choose to amble through the rockpools on a day at the beach (being careful not to get cut off by the tide!). There are, however, lots of planned rockpooling tours. Take a look at the events put on by Cornwall Wildlife Trust ( and also there is a lovely website about where to go and what to look out for at Cornish Rock Pools

I had a lovely adventure with Heather Buttivant who runs Cornish Rock Pools and who is a true rock pooling guru. Take a look here:




For up and coming surfers, bodyboarding is a lovely way to get experience of catching and riding the waves. It’s best to use a sustainable board as the polystyrene ones get broken up sending plastic into the ocean and Keep Britain Tidy estimates about 16,000 are thrown away each year. You can borrow wooden ones for free all around Cornwall, thanks to Jamie Johnstone of Dick Pearce Bellyboards who founded the Surf Wood for Good campaign. We have some Dick Pearce wooden bellyboards that you can use in our borrow shed here at Bosinver. Take a look at the Surf Wood for Good project for more information. 



Kite flying

For those days when the wind is brisk, I always carry a little Pockite with me, so we can throw it up into the air and enjoy watching it dance in the wind. It’s a long way from the days when I would make them out of newspaper, but lets be honest, more likely to last in the breeze!!! See my blog about kite flying at Par beach, near to Bosinver, with the grandkids:



Any beach with a seawall where you can safely drop a crabline and bait int reasonably deep water is a good place to start this activity. Have a deep bucket with you to pop any crabs you catch, and don’t forget to return them to their home once you’ve enjoyed a brief meeting with them! Raw bacon is often a good source of bait for them. Do remember to take all the crab lines and rubbish home with you. Well done to Looe harbour who actually have special places to put crab lines as they cause such a nuisance if just dropped into the water.

This guide is helpful too.


Beach cleaning

As some of you may know, I do a lot of beach cleaning and environmental campaign work as Action Nan. I’m a little bit famous for it!!! And the truth is, my grandchildren absolutely love getting involved in beach cleans. All you need is a pair of gloves and a bin bag. If you don’t have them, ask us at reception here at Bosinver, or head to one of the many 2 minute beach clean stations around Cornwall where you can find bags and a litter picker to borrow.


Whatever you do, we hope you have lots of fun and don’t forget to share your photos with us!


Enjoy a break in Cornwall

If you would like to enjoy a break in Cornwall and reconnect with nature and enjoy all the beaches around Cornwall we’d love to see you. We’ve got a range of cottages which sleep 4-12 people and we’ve won many awards because we are passionate about sustainability – find out more and check availability.

Have you got any suggestions for beach adventures around Cornwall that you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you on our Facebook page, Instagram or tweet @Bosinver

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