Greetings from ‘Our Man in Australia’

White parrot in Australia with red feathers around its eyes and neck

Welcome to all the first of our guest blogs from Nooney Laycock (aka Mr Wild Kids!), who’s now living in Australia with his wife and sons.


Hello to all of the Bosinver Farmer Dave fan club and Wild Kids gang. As you know, I have sadly finished my time running Wild Kids at Bosinver (booo) and I now have started a new adventure with Rachel and my two boys in Australia (yey!!!).

We are currently living in Sydney which is weird in itself as I haven’t lived in a city for a very long time and the boys never have. No more opening the back gate and taking a short stroll to the beach, for now at least!

Sydney is a very green city so there are no end of parks and green spaces to check out and for us all to explore. In the future I hope to start up a Wild Kids program over here but I REALLY need to brush up on my native flora and fauna as there are many mean beasties here.

The gardens here are mad as all the plants you see in them are ones you’d have in your house back in the UK like – yukkas, Madagascan dragon tongue, mother-in-laws tongue, hibiscus and huge cacti.


In our garden we have three lemon trees so I’ll be making my own lemon-cello and the boys want to have a go at lemonade. We also have lots of visitors too, some are more welcome than others. There are a lot of webs – we’ve not seen too many spiders yet but what I have seen, oh boy!

The area we live is also known for redback spiders too, but apparently no-one has died from one of their bites for at least 30yrs!!! (comforting).


We also have some amazing butterflies visit us (far more welcome) butterfly in the picture is 6 inches across. We have dragonflies come visit too as we live near to some lakes which also brings us the dreaded mosquito (who like me).

There are loads of lizards living in and around the walls of the gardens and they help to keep the bugs down. We also have lots of birds flying over lorikeets, myner birds, cockatoos and kookaburras who love to have a natter at 5 in the morning – and also the odd flying fox.

It’s a bit different from gorgeous old Cornwall that’s for sure (and many degrees warmer too, especially now, haha).

I hope to keep you all posted over the coming months on our adventures and happenings over here and I’ll deffo send pictures of all the mean bugs I come across.

Until next time,


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