Kneehigh Theatre perform of UBU Karaoke at Carlyon Bay

Large dome stage tent on cornish beach with festival flags

My family like to make a big thing around birthdays and as I grow older I have requested them not to buy me gifts (like many friends I am in the mood for decluttering, not accumulating more stuff!) but to give me the delight of time spent in their company.
To this end I managed to come up with the perfect birthday treat for myself when I spotted my all time favourite Kneehigh theatre were performing on our local beach at Carlyon Bay on the day of my birthday so I went ahead and booked 14 tickets for friends and family to join me there.

During the summer Kneehigh erect their weatherproof marquee which they call the Asylum and take it around various locations in Cornwall. For the past few years it has been at Heligan Gardens but this year it had a change of scene down on the beach.

Parking is easy at the beach car park and there are a number of food outlets serving a variety of tasty dishes from seafood, to burgers and Moroccan bowls of chilli or pulled pork to tempt you in before the show, plus a bar on the beach and one inside the tent.
We rocked up early for a chat and food beforehand and it was a lovely relaxing experience with
great views out to sea, which made it more than just a trip to the theatre!

The show we went to see was Ubu Karaoke, I had seen it last year and was totally looking forward to a second dose of this particular satirical madness. Kneehigh can relied on for being totally original, feral almost in its approach to live theatre. Ubu sees Kneehigh at its madcap best, irreverent, witty, funny, physical, adventurous and always relaying a deeper message for us to ponder on the way home to our everyday lives.

The main characters are Mr and Mrs Ubu, played by the immensely talented Katy Owen and Mike Shepherd – grotesquely carnival in appearance and spouting utter nonsense whilst attempting to overthrow the leader of Lovelyville. Most of the furious action is accompanied by iconic music, lyrics which appear karaoke-style for everyone to join in with and a live band with a female lead singer who is an ace breakdancer.
The show is part seated and part leaning with a big free area around the stage, used for the show and also for dancing. You will be involved in the action from the beginning, who knows, you may be in the zoo, be part of the Olympics, dancing or singing your heart out?

We did just that and the lovely Kneehigh team even got the audience to join in singing Happy Birthday to me! Do go along for a dose of Kneehigh medicine, I guarantee you will not be disappointed. One thing’s for sure, you will have the best fun in ages and will find it extremely difficult to describe what you saw in words to your friends afterwards!!!!!

Kneehigh’s Ubu Kneehigh will be showing at the Asylum, Carlyon Beach, Cornwall from 15 Aug – 1 Sept 2019
Tuesday – Sunday 7.30pm.

Click here, if you would like to book tickets or to find out more about Kneehigh Theatre and up and coming performances.

Enjoy a break in Cornwall

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