Moogz soap- Keeping it in the family!

Young lady and older lady sat around large table in workshop wrapping homemade soaps

Some years ago I went on a quest to find a local company with eco credentials and an eco product to supply our hand soaps. Jean Barry soaps ticked all the boxes and they kept us supplied until recently when she and her husband decided to retire.

Searches for a similar supplier yielded no results until a chance conversation with my granddaughter and her Mum on the subject, elicited a remark something like this ‘Well soap making can’t be too difficult, once you have the recipe and the ingredients- why don’t we give it a go Megs?’

Fast forward to today and they are now kitted up with Jean Barry’s equipment, recipe and advice, soap making is in full swing. Of course they’ve had some disasters but are confident enough now to start trying out different ingredients and scents – all natural and sustainably sourced of course.

close up photo of handmade soaps wrapped in tissue paper and labelled with logo.

Megan has always been nicknamed Moogz, hence the name. She designed the label and we think it looks great.

We’re so proud of her entrepreneurial efforts at 13 years of age. We think the soap is excellent and all of us use the offcuts and misshapen bits at home, so no waste either…

Keep an eye out for a future appearance on Dragon’s Den – who knows what idea she’ll come up with next?

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