Mud, glorious mud!

A woman sliding down a large slide into a muddy pool of water in Cornwall


At Bosinver we always like to try out new places locally for our guests to try. In half term I decided to venture slightly further afield to visit The Bear Trail which is located across the border in Devon. It takes just under 2 hours from Bosinver and is easily accessible from Junction 28 on the M5 – it could be an ideal stop off on your way to or from your holiday in Cornwall.

My son, Oskar (age 9) and I visited in October half term with my best friend Sarah and her two children (age 5 and 8). I would say the trail is perfect for children aged 4 and up, the obstacles are varied in abilities but, safe for all ages to attempt one way or another! The course can be enjoyed at your own pace and repeat or skip obstacles – we did the course 4 times and spotted more and more as we went around!

I was excited to start the trail, although quietly nervous as I told my son I would do every obstacle with him – I don’t think he could quite believe that I was going to get wet and muddy with him!


The trail started by scrambling over a bear net, before tackling a muddy hill with rope nets to help us reach the top. I silently felt a slight sense of fear when the only way back down the other side was via a long, green slide which was made extra slippery by a hose pipe which creates a steady stream of water down the slide!

As I was the only one with a camera, I had to face my fears and go first! The foot of the slide holds a muddy pool of water – even though it wasn’t much deeper than a puddle, the thought of water blasting in my face filled me with trepidation. Without thinking, I sat down at the top of the slide, and without a word I let the slide take me. My best friend looked at me in shock as I stood at the end, wiping my face to reveal what must have been the biggest grin – I felt totally liberated!

Dripping from head to toe, I had the best view to watch my party one by one make their way down the slide and capture the moment on camera. We were all soaked but we excitedly continued facing every obstacle with enthusiasm – my friend and I felt like kids again! Whilst I would say I’m an ‘outdoorsy Mum’, I have never got as wet and muddy as I did, but I loved every minute of it of this exhilarating and fun course.

The toilets, hot showers and private changing rooms were clean, with ample space for everyone. I also noticed an accessible changing room and family changing room should you need them.

Under the stretch tent in the heart of the attraction is The Bear Cave café serving drinks, wood fired pizzas, hot food and sweet treats. We ordered some delicious wood fired pizzas & chips to share and hot chocolates with all the trimmings to warm up! We were pleasantly surprised by the prices and selection of food available, especially as their season was drawing to a close. If you’d prefer to take a packed lunch, there is a picnic area to enjoy as well.

My top tips for visiting The Bear Trail:

• Remember your waterproof phone case to capture the memories on camera without the fear of dropping your phone in a muddy puddle!

• Pack a clean change of clothes for each family member in separate bags (I use large freezer bags) – it saves you searching through a bag with wet, muddy hands!

• The showers are communal – I would recommend wearing swimsuits/shorts so you can shower easier afterwards.

• Don’t forget a second bag for all your wet gear – it will need to be large as everything you wear from head to toe will be wet… and heavy!

• Take shampoo – I had great intentions of keeping my hair dry but that was impossible!

• Have fun – its true what they say, “Remember, mud washes off… memories last forever!”

The Bear Trail is now closed for the winter and will reopen on 1st April 2023 with morning and afternoon sessions available for £10.75 per person.

We can’t wait to return to make more memories next year!

Enjoy a break in Cornwall

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