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Living room area at Trerose Cottage in Bosinver, with a view of the grounds, a fire place, leather seats and a TV.

Jacqui Paterson and family enjoyed a short break and found there’s so much to do in Autumn…

Cornish dreams – Bosinver Farm Cottages

My holidays always begin with a bout of panic: did I pack everything we need? Where’s my wallet? Did I leave the oven on? What if the pipes burst while we’re away?! Oh God, I think I left the bedroom window open!

But as we made our way towards Cornwall this half term, and busy grey motorways gave way to grassy green fields, my niggling worries melted away too.

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Please note: Trerose cottage’s decor and interior design have been updated since Jacqui’s stay in October 2013 – for details see the Trerose cottage page  

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