Nanny Pat – Inspiring others to take a leaf out of Action Nan’s book!

Nanny Pat wearing Beach Clean Bosinver high vis and a cardboard cut out of herself at Bosinver

Sustainability and the Environment are key to our decision making here at Bosinver. We are passionate about the natural world and are proud to be caretakers of our magical space here in Cornwall.

Although we are mindful of the environmental impact our business has we try not to be evangelical about it! Our messaging is incorporated into our guest communication, on our website, our blog and can be found around the farm via our trails and information boards. We have devised 50 things to do without a car from Bosinver, we pay the taxi fare from the station and back if guests come by train and have put together a suite of walks from the farm to encourage car free days out.

Nanny Pat has a display in the pool entrance documenting her litter picking finds and explaining the problems caused by our addiction to single use plastic.

Most of our guests acknowledge our actions with little or no comment so it is always a pleasure when people tell us how we have influenced them to follow our example.

One of those families are the Murdochs.

Like many of our customers, the Murdoch’s have stayed many times. Imagine my excitement when Jessica came rushing to the office to greet me, proudly displaying her own litter picker which she had asked for in her birthday present list!

The family have been litter picking regularly at home and have been amazed by the quantity they are finding which they had never noticed before they started picking it up themselves!

They did several litter picks on beaches they visited during their stay and we also managed to do one together. How proud I felt to think that my efforts had encouraged this family to take action to make our world a better place. It is so easy to stand by and think it is someone else’s job.

I wonder how many more people they will inspire to join in and how many of our guests are doing it without me knowing?

Oak trees from acorns grow…

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