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Nanny Pat’s days out: Screech Owl Sanctuary

Sam and I visited the Screech Owl Sanctuary at the end of March – it was cold and the rain was driving across the county in sheets. We did wonder if any of the owls would be brave enough to venture out of their nest boxes. However, we were well togged up and decided to take a chance after eating a picnic in the car.

The Screech family has been rescuing and caring for sick and injured owls for over 25 years and have received many accolades and awards for the work they do. They also have an owl breeding programme and are funded entirely by donations and entrance fees to the Sanctuary.

The site is well laid out with large cages and descriptions of the owls (and other birds and animals, including meerkats!). We marveled at the resident owls – they have lots of different types from across the globe. The owls range in size and colour, but all have beautiful big eyes.


Every day (weather permitting) there are three flying displays. Sam wasn’t brave enough to let an owl land on his arm but was enchanted as they swooped and dived around the show area, landing on the bench alongside us for a good close up view.

There is also a hand tame area where you can stroke the owls. You can book a falconry experience or a one to one handling session in advance if you want to learn more about these wonderful creatures during your visit.

There is an outdoor play and picnic area and a great little tea room where Sam and I dived in out of the rain – he particularly enjoyed hot chocolate and a chocolate owl on a stick!


The Screech Owl Sanctuary is great entertainment for half a day. It is simple and unsophisticated but you get the feeling that everyone cares passionately about the owls and their welfare; it’s a great nature experience for the children.

Getting there

Screech Owl Sanctuary is approximately 20 minutes’ drive from Bosinver. It’s a little off the beaten track so hop onto their website for directions.

Have you visited the Screech Owl Sanctuary? We’d love to hear about your visit and what you enjoyed the most. Leave a message below, post on our Facebook page or tweet @bosinver.

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