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Feeding the animals

Meet our farm animals on holiday in Cornwall

A farm holiday in Cornwall your family will never forget…

Animal feeding and egg collecting with Farmer Dave has become a daily ritual at Bosinver. Come and join us and get to know all our animals – and share Farmer Dave’s jokes!

He’s so popular that we’ve started a Farmer Dave fan club! Sign up to get your very own fan club goodie bag and find out about our kids’ competitions to win some great prizes.

Our ducks and chickens

We have numerous breeds of ducks and chickens on the farm – from the comical upright waddlers known as Indian Runners, to little Silkie hens and our very chatty call ducks – they’re always keen to be fed by hand or even just admired from a distance. Collecting one of their eggs often results in the biggest smiles and most memorable photos from your holiday…

Our sheep

Vanilla, Snowdrop, Freckle, Sooty, Sweep, Badger and Big Ears will never have to worry about mint sauce. They’ve spent their entire lives here munching grass, lying in the sun and looking decorative. They also eat from your hand!

Our goats

We have a pair of Pygmy goats on our farm – many of our regular guests grew up knowing our old white goat Chalky, a much loved mischevious chap who loved performing for an audience. We now have his apprentice, Spike plus another cheeky chappy, Billy the brown goat.