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Indoor Swimming Pool

Luxury holiday cottages with such beautiful indoor swimming pools are hard to find…

We are so proud of our heated indoor swimming pool. It’s added that extra touch of luxury that our guests love, and ticks all the eco-friendly boxes, too.
Heated using solar energy and renewable technologies from zlc energy, it’s a sustainable, environmentally friendly show-stopper, designed to complement Bosinver’s beautiful settings.

The full package

If you’re planning a getaway and want to make sure it’s one to remember, our luxurious Cornish holiday cottages with indoor pool are just the ticket. With plenty of space, endless activities and attention to detail throughout, we’ve designed our carefree Cornish getaways to satisfy every need. So if you’re looking for the best holiday cottages in Cornwall with a pool, you’re definitely in the right place.

Expertly built, lovingly decorated

This was a huge project, almost a year in the making, with great attention to detail. We used high-quality local granite and the most talented Cornish building team made up of Paul Rogers, Colin Hault and Dave Smith (our very own Famer Dave). 

The indoor swimming pool has been designed in a south-facing position, allowing us to harness the power of the sun to heat and run the pool. We’ve given the interior decoration the Bosinver touch with quirky and colourful interior details. For the warmer months, we’ve included a sundeck patio area overlooking our tennis courts and beautiful countryside beyond.

Using the pool

• The pool is normally open between 8.30am and dusk. Please note that to ensure social distancing is maintained we are currently offering single household pool sessions on a rota basis which you will need to sign up for. Further details of the booking system will be provided to you two weeks prior to your stay.

• It’s heated by solar panels backed up by a gas boiler to maintain a constant and comfortable 30˚C.

• We service the pool every day (usually in the mornings before we open the doors).

• Guests with limited mobility may avoid using steps by a separate entrance. Please note there is a handrail and shallow steps into the pool but we do not currently have a hoist.

Pool Safety

• The pool is not staffed so you are responsible for your own safety while using it.

• All children under 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult. No lone bathing.

• The pool is under CCTV surveillance and has an alarm for emergencies.

• The pool is 1.2m deep overall with a level profile.

• Diving, running, jumping and bombing are strictly forbidden.

• All infants under two years old must wear a swimming nappy under a neoprene swimsuit designed to contain ‘accidents’. We have a small number of these baby swimsuits in the office for sale (also available from Splash About Happy Nappy) and swimming nappies are sold by all major supermarkets.


We also have a sauna linked to the pool building but this is currently closed. 

If you have any queries about using our pool please get in touch on 01726 72128 or email [email protected] and We’d be happy to answer your questions.