Making Holidays Easy for Children with Sensory challenges

Father and daughter playing on a swing in the forest at Bosinver.

A fun family holiday away can become overwhelming for children with sensory challenges. But here at Bosinver, we’re keen for every single one of our guests to have a stress-free, enjoyable stay.

Over the past few years, our entire team has been training alongside Access Cornwall to improve our offering for those with accessibility needs. This includes catering for kids with learning difficulties, mobility issues, hearing impairments, those who are neurodivergent, and more.

With that in mind, here are 8 ways we make staycations at Bosinver more manageable for those of us with sensory issues.

  1. 1-to-1 feeding sessions

We know how much kids (and parents, let’s be honest) love petting and feeding our animals at Bosinver. But for those of us with sensory difficulties, this can be a loud, busy experience. Lots of kids squealing over our adorable pygmy goats eating from the palm of their hands = sensory overload! And that’s why 1-to-1 feeding sessions with Farmer Dave can be requested. With years of experience on the farm, Farmer Dave knows exactly how to keep things calm – even around our most lively animals!

A group of children feeding our ducks. Families with sensory issues and children with autism can book 1-to-1 feeding animal feeding sessions.

  1. Pre-booking pony rides

One place that can become crowded and overstimulating is queues. But not to worry – if your family has additional needs, you’ll be given the opportunity to pre-book pony rides at Bosinver, which means no need to hang around!

  1. Private family pool slots

Everyone loves a dip in the pool… unless you’re not a fan of multiple kids splashing, giggling and swimming in all directions. But luckily, for no extra cost, our guests can book private slots in our pool. This is the ideal way for kids to comfortably gain some confidence in the water. Meanwhile, you’ve got space to have a peaceful swim in our balmy 30-degree pool without the stress of others. You can find out more about booking private slots in our pool here.

Father and son playing in the swimming pool at Bosinver. We offer private sessions which families with sensory challenges and autism can hugely benefit from.

  1. Enjoy nature around the farm

Nothing grounds you better than being out in nature – and luckily, we’ve got plenty of it here! Families are welcome to roam across our 30-acre site. Settle in the meadows and enjoy a picnic, go and visit the ducks waddling their way around the farm, or try your hand at fishing in our lake! There’s plenty to do outdoors here. Feel free to ask us about our favourite, most peaceful spots!

  1. Sensory boxes

We have sensory boxes available to borrow during your stay, crammed with tools aimed to ease little kids. From tactile toys to fidget spinners, there’s plenty to get your hands on.

  1. Large basket swing for calming

Our basket swing is a tonne of fun for kids wanting to be pushed back and forth by parents. But it’s also a popular spot for neurodiverse children to sit, relax and reset outdoors. It’s large enough for adults to sit with them too!

boy say on nest swing – a great place for those with autism or sensory issues to reset

  1. Visual stories

To keep those anxious feelings at bay, we’ve prepped a Visual Stories Document which will walk you through what a stay at Bosinver looks like. This can help families to plan ahead, know what to expect when they arrive, and think about any adjustments they might need. Always feel free to contact us if you have any queries before your arrival.

  1. Accessibility Training

We want everyone to settle in and feel at home here. In recent years, we have been working with the lovely team from Access Cornwall to improve our offering for those with accessibility needs.

We’re always trying to learn more, introduce new ways to make a guests feel included, and make Bosinver a great holiday destination for all families. You can see what progress we’re making in our document here.

Nanny Pat being trained in accessibility needs to help our guests with sensory challenges and autism

Looking for somewhere to bring the kids where their extra needs will be supported? Book your stay at Bosinver. We look forward to seeing you!

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