What every family holiday needs: an indoor heated swimming pool

As parents we go through many swimming phases with our kids; there’s the first bit when they’re not too sure, the slightly more confident part, the perhaps over-confident phase, and then the magical moment they splash across the pool, free from arm bands and all those learning aids you bought but never really did the trick!

One thing they all have in common is that the pool can be a pretty great place to spend a lot of time. So, if you’re looking for a holiday cottage that’s got a swimming pool that’s perfect for families, let us tell you a little bit about what we have to offer….

Let’s start with the fact it’s indoors – and rather warm!

We can promise a lot when it comes to a family holiday at Bosinver, but one thing we can never guarantee is the weather! Sometimes in Cornwall, it does rain… and when it does, the pool is the place for you and your little ones to be. Despite those rainy days, it’s powered completely by renewable energy. Why is that important? There’s nothing worse for you children to feel a chill when you get in, which is why we use all that energy from the sun to make it nice and toasty.

How toasty? Not too warm to get a sweat on, but warmer than your average pool. There’s no guarantee for the weather, but you’ll love the temperature. It’s been approved by hundreds of families over the years.

It’s nice and level

We’ve tried to make life as easy as possible for you and your children. The pool is 1.2 meters deep all the way through, which means you can walk around and support your child from one end to the other. No fuss, no going from deep to shallow. Just a perfect family swimming experience.

Can you really have the pool to yourself?

Well, yes you can! Before you arrive for your Bosinver break, you’ll be given the chance to book a number of hourly sessions in the pool. That’s right; just you and your kids. Nobody else and one awesome swimming pool all to yourselves! Outside of these privately booked sessions you can also go in during our general swimming times. Our pool is open between 8am to 8pm in high season and 9am – 7pm in the low. Plenty of opportunity for a dip while you’re here!

Father and son playing in the swimming pool at Bosinver.

Lessons for little ones available

Our pool is the perfect place for water babies to experience their first dip, or little kids to boost their confidence in the water. And even better still, you can grab some lessons from Dawn – our fantastic, qualified instructor – while you’re here.

Bosinver-approved, Dawn taught Paul’s kids to swim and has worked with all levels of ability, from complete newbies to little mermaids in the making. After just one session you can see the difference!

Dawn is available for lessons all day Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and during the mornings on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. A 30-minute 1-1 session is £30. 2-1 sessions are £45, and a parent and baby session is £25.

If you would like to arrange a swimming lesson with Dawn, send her an email at dawn-1960@hotmail.co.uk. Please include your mobile number in your message so she can call you back.

An empty swimming pool with blue ceiling and a bright mural of fish on the wall

No extra cost

After putting so much work into our hand built, luxury pool, we want as many of you to enjoy it as possible! Families can access our pool as much or as little as they like for no extra cost during their holiday.

In fact, we’re all for providing great value at Bosinver full stop. That’s why we include a whopping £475 worth of fun and activities in your stay! For no extra cost, you can enjoy our an indoor pool, pony rides, animal feeding, a gym, sauna and tennis courts, and a whole lot more.

You can take a closer look at everything that’s included in your stay here.

So, does an afternoon swim sound like holiday bliss to you? Are the kids keen to shed their armbands and learn to swim like a pro? If you’re keen to dip your toes into our toasty indoor pool, head over to our availability page and book yourself in for a Cornwall getaway at Bosinver.

See you soon, and happy swimming!

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