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Pony rides

One of the highlights of their stay for many young guests are our pony riding sessions. Usually held on Tuesday mornings (so unfortunately generally not available on short weekend breaks) our pony rides are suitable for any children up to around 12 (but size dependent) as we have three ponies of varying sizes – Secret, Kizzy and Rupert. The sessions are free and run after animal feeding with Farmer Dave entertaining the little ones with his jokes and nature ‘show and tell’ whilst they wait for their turn.

Our horses

Secret is a fat Welsh grey pony with short legs and a smile. He’s a typical Thelwell character and believes his sole purpose in life is to eat. He’s got a lovely nature and has won the hearts of many of the girls who’ve stayed here.

Rupert is a roan (brown in summer and grey in winter) Dartmoor pony and he is Secret’s best friend.

Kizzy is another grey, but she has longer legs than Secret and is happy to go a little faster than the boys! In fact with Helen leading her she often laps the others on our pony morning!

Wilfred, Juna, Angel and Lad are the Shire horses. They belong to a neighbouring farmer, Alfie, but live here most of the year and have appeared on TV on the “Hungry Sailors” programme! If you fancy a horse-drawn carriage ride, contact Alfie at Pikna Shire Horses to see if you can arrange an adventure around the lanes.