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Rediscovering Glendurgan

Glendurgan Garden is a place where everything invites you in and beckons you closer.

It’s a place where there’s always more to see: although it’s compact, with its winding paths and tucked-away treasures, you might find it takes more than one visit to take it all in. Even if you’ve visited several times, this is a garden that compels you to return, particularly at the height of spring.

Birdsong and the happy shrieks of children echo throughout the valleys. The contrast between the typically English flowers such as bluebells and primroses with exotic tree ferns, colourful rhododendrons, fast-growing bamboo and spiky-leaved gunnera is striking.


The ever-popular maze at the heart of the garden draws children and adults alike. The network of paths promises adventure; there are little moments of wonder as you discover some of the garden’s tucked-away treasures, like the boat-seat nestled amongst the ferns, the old school house and the invitingly-named Giant’s Stride.

You can easily while away half a day here, or combine a visit to Glendurgan with a walk. Wander down to pretty Durgan village, where you may be tempted to linger and watch the comings and goings on the river from the beach. Bluebells, wild garlic, celandines, wood anemones and pink campion hug the coast path, and a walk towards either Helford Passage or Mawnan Smith offers beautiful views across the water.


Useful information

For information about walks in the area, take a look at the National Trust website, where you can download routes and maps.

Glendurgan for children

Glendurgan is ideal for children. The Fox family who created the garden had twelve children, and it’s easy to imagine how much fun they must have had playing here.

Bosinver’s Nanny Pat has visited with her grandchildren, and you can read about their adventures at Glendurgan in her blog post.

Getting there

Glendurgan is just outside the village of Mawnan Smith, near Falmouth, around 45 minutes’ drive from Bosinver. Postcode for SatNavs: TR11 5JZ

Have you been to Glendurgan? We’d love to hear what you enjoyed most about your visit. Leave a message below, post on our Facebook page or tweet @bosinver.

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