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A funky, family-friendly new beach bar just down the road from Bosinver? Natually Nanny Pat had to investigate. Here’s what she thought about her recent trip to Sam’s @ The Bay.

It has been a great sadness to me that a famous and beautiful beach, Crinnis at Carlyon Bay on the eastern side of St Austell has been off my recommended beaches list for Bosinver guests to visit for the past 10 years.


Developers have been toying with the idea of building some 500 apartments, hotel, spa and restaurants on the site during this time and with the ups and downs of objections, planning and the financial climate, nothing has been done in all this time allowing the existing buildings to become derelict, dangerous and unwelcoming with plethora of ‘no entry’ signs. This was once a thriving and vibrant place, most of us locals over 40 remember seeing live bands in their heyday at the Cornwall Coliseum – my list includes, Tina Turner, the Police, Madness, Elton John and many more alongside a lively disco club called Gossips, the place to be in your teens and twenties. Although locals have been given a cordoned off access route to the beach, I have not visited for many years as I have been sad to see it so neglected and spoiled.

So it was with great interest that I read about local restauranteurs, Sam and Emma Sixton (of Sam’s in Fowey, Polkerris and Truro) opening up a new pop up beach bar at Crinnis. I set off with the family to check it out.


I was not disappointed and started smiling as we approached – the smell of Sam’s classic burgers drifted towards us on the air. The team here have managed to create a magical space with recycled materials, wooden pallets, old oil drums, rusty metal sheeting, gabion baskets, Sam’s VW van serving cocktails, Sam’s new lager, cool beans coffee and funky signage, all on the sand with fabulous views out to sea.

Remembering that we are in Cornwall, not Barbados, a number of braziers are loaded up with wood as the evening draws in, offering warmth and the beauty of leaping flames against the night sky.


The menu is simple and tasty with locally sourced meat and fish, and their apple mojitos are wonderful! I take my hat off to Sam’s gang for creating something unique and breathing a bit of life back into this lovely space.

Just one thing to remember, they are off grid so you can’t pay by card. To find out more about Sam’s @ The Bay, you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter on @samscornwall for daily updates on events – they have live bands and DJs on certain days.

Getting there

Sam’s @ The Bay is at Crinnis Beach, Carlyon Bay, which is just over 10 minutes’ drive from Bosinver. Postcode for SatNavs: PL25 3RG.

PS: If, like me, you feel strongly about this neglected beach, please sign the petition to persuade our local council to get the developers to clean it up and allow access.

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