Storm watching at Land’s End and Sunday lunch at Sennen Cove

Landscape shot of the coast of Land's End on a stormy day

There is something magical about visiting the Cornish coast in winter after a storm. It is fascinating to watch waves being driven by wild winds and whipped up into a frenzy to dash themselves against the granite cliff top ramparts with a fury leading to self destruction.

The really violent storms often change the landscape leaving cliff falls and landslides in one area and shifting sand to divert rivers and build sand cliffs in another. I always feel humbled by the sheer physical power of the onslaught, the elemental force of nature, often rendering our own feeble constructions into matchwood.

It is really important to heed Coastguard and weather warnings if you want to visit the coast in wild weather. Waves are unpredictable and many an unwary onlooker has been swept off their feet by a rogue one, leaving them soaked at best and in serious danger if swept out to sea.

I had booked a Sunday lunch at Ben Tunnicliffe’s restaurant (now the Surf Beach Bar) alongside the beach at Sennen with my lovely friends from Potluck Cornwall, a group of food lovers on a mission to try out great foodie venues all over the county.
My mission that day was to fit in a walk to Land’s End and back, some 3 miles to work up an appetite for lunch. Parking was easy in the huge car park in Sennen village  – the most difficult part getting anoraks, boots and leggings on the the howling gale!

The walk is relatively easy, keeping the sea on your right and heading west out of the village past the lifeboat station and the often photographed beautiful fishing harbour.

The sea was wild with white horses as far as the eye could see and spume like beer froth being hurled inland by the waves and the wind. Spray was being blown in over the top of the cliffs and I could see why very few trees grow on this part of the coast. A very quiet Land’s End soon came into view and we could clearly see the Longships lighthouse being battered as it was flashing warning lights to any ships foolhardy enough to be out in such bad weather.

The walk only took an hour and a half so we were back in good time to have a browse in the charming little Round House Gallery above the harbour before heading back to the restaurant to change into dry clothes and Christmas jumpers. Our cheeks were tingling and rosy red but I was so glad to have been out in the rough  weather battering our rugged South West coastline to appreciate its wild beauty and build up an appetite for the lovely Sunday lunch which followed. We even found time to fit in Trereife Christmas craft fair on the way home but that’s another story………..

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