Victory for the ‘Save Our Forests’ Campaign!

Forest in the Cornish countryside showing sunlight filtering through the leaves

We’re delighted that the government announced they’re going to scrap the forest sell-off!


Over half a million people and several large organisations like the National Trust, Friends of the Earth and the Woodland Trust got behind the Save Our Forests campaign – by signing the petition, lobbying their MPs, organising events and spreading the word. In the face of so much opposition, the government had no choice but to back down.

It’s a relief to hear that our forests like Cardinham Woods have been saved for future generations to enjoy. Kids will still be able to go the forest and get close to nature. They’ll still be able to build dens, climb trees and kick up the autumn leaves… And that’s really something worth

Congratulations are in order for 38 Degrees, who started the campaign, and for everyone who backed it. It just shows that each of us can make a difference. Every single signature on that petition helped.

This weekend, people all over the UK heading out into their local woodland to celebrate. Why not join them? There’s something truly special about being out in the middle of the forest, particularly at this time of the year when everything’s beginning to come alive.

Whether you choose to cycle, jog, walk or simply breath in the fresh, clean air and the scent of spring, relax and enjoy it. Our forests are safe.

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