Cornwall Holidays with Kids

If you’re looking to get away to Cornwall with your family, the first thing to say is you’re in for a real treat. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been before, or this will be your first time heading to this gorgeous part of the world, there’s always new things to see, places to visit, adventures to enjoy and memories to make. So, if you’re currently googling ‘Cornwall Holidays with kids’, what might Bosinver have in store for every member of your family?

The perfect cottage for Cornwall kids holidays

A luxury cottage that works for your family

Bosinver is often referred to as its own little village. The reason for this? We’ve got 20 holiday cottages spread around a meandering countryside setting; it really does look like that postcard-perfect Cornish hamlet you may imagine in your dreams.

Each of the cottages comes with its own unique character and style, and no matter what they may be, there’s one to fulfil whatever needs you and your family have. Bringing the dog? That’s not a problem. Prefer not to stay in a dog friendly cottage? We’ve got you covered too. Grandparents going to be coming? Guess what? We’ve got a cottage that’s perfect for them too! If you’re ever in doubt of which one is right for you, feel free to give us a call and we’ll work through it together.

If you’ve got a solid routine at home for your little one, we’re here to make sure they move seamlessly into ‘holiday mode’. As well as an award-winning cottage to call home, we’ve got a vast array of child-friendly equipment. No matter if it’s a cot or a night light, let us know what you need. There’ll also be a box of toys to make sure they settle in straight away.

Cornwall kids holiday with babies or toddlers

An indoor swimming pool

After a Cornwall kids holiday with an indoor pool? Ours is going to be somewhere you and your family spend plenty of time. Powered by solar, it’s kept to a balmy temperature to make sure you and your little ones can splash and swim without feeling a chill. You’ll also have the chance to get it to yourself; that’s right, each of our cottages can book it for an hour each day if you want to and we’ve found most of the families that stay with us love this feature.

Cornwall kids holidays with animal feeding

Daily animal feeding

Do your kids love animals? If so, they’re going to get rather excited about animal feeding with Farmer Paul and Dave in the mornings! This is often the highlight for guests of all ages, and that includes the adults. There’s the ducks, the cheeky goats and some curious sheep, all of whom are complete naturals with kids and happy to eat from their little hands.

We recommend taking a camera for this as it’s a fantastic opportunity to see the biggest of smiles, especially once they’ve collected their very own egg for breakfast on their Cornwall kids holiday!

Cornwall kids holidays with pony rides

How does a pony ride sound?

Holidays should be about unique moments, and none come better than exploring Bosinver on the back of one of our calm and gentle ponies. Suitable for children up to the age of 12 (this is a little size dependent), our pony rides take place at various times of the week to try and ensure every family staying with us gets to have a go. It doesn’t matter if it’s their first time, or they’re something of a seasoned pro when it comes to riding; do make sure they give it a go!

Cornwall kids holidays with forrest play

30 acres of playground!

Built by our family, with yours in mind – the whole of Bosinver is one big playground! Outdoor play areas, woodland trails, fishing, tennis and our Wild Kids Club that runs as long as 8 children sign up and covers as many forest activities as you could shake a lot of twigs at; there’s no end to the outdoor adventure you’ll be able to enjoy whilst you’re here.

If it’s Cornish fresh air, the sound of laughter through the trees and making magical memories you’re after, Bosinver has it in spades.

mother holding daughter at the top of blue slide in soft play area

Soft play

Sometimes it rains and sometimes they just need that soft play fix. No matter what the reason, they’re going to love our indoor soft play barn. Situated pretty much in the middle of Bosinver, it’s a place to climb, to ride, to imagine and to enjoy 24 hours a day. It’s of course stuffed full of toys, but for the parents, you’re going to want to enjoy the comfy sofa in there. Bosinver is for all the family after all!

And that’s all included in the price of your holiday

We know we’re listing a lot of things that we offer, but a massive advantage is that they’re all included within the price of your holiday. No worrying about extra costs, no fretting about how much it will add up to in the end. Just time to enjoy with the kids.

How about our location?

Every now and again, you may want to head out of the driveway and explore a little more of this wonderful county we live in. When you do, our central location is going to be the cherry on the cake! We’ve got beaches to the North and South, as well as some of the most world-famous visitor attractions within 15 minutes. Heard of the Eden Project? It’s just up the road. Stuck for things to do? Our very-own Nanny Pat has written 2 books which you will find in your cottage to give you a little inspiration. Based on her experiences with her own kids and grandchildren, they’re pretty much an encyclopaedia of ideas for days out with young children in Cornwall!

And if you want to relax too?

We know that planning a holiday with young children can sometimes end up as their holiday. At Bosinver, we don’t want you to have to compromise; this is your holiday as well as theirs. We’ve got a wide range of options you can add to make your experience is as relaxing as you want and need it to be. Whether it’s booking a baby sitter, having a spa treatment or even treating yourself to a private chef, make the most of it. You’re on holiday…

What more can we say? If it’s Cornwall holidays with kids, start booking your Bosinver holiday soon.

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