Recycling and Cleaning

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We want your waste, lets keep our green space green!

You’ll find a bag in your cottage to collect your recycling throughout the week. When it gets full, you can transfer what you’ve collected to the bins in our recycling area. There’s one set of bins for glass, and another for clean, dry recycleable materials, including steel and aluminium cans/tins, paper, cardboard and plastic.


You’ll also find a compost caddy in your kitchen to use for vegetable waste. There’s a compost bin next to the games room and two to the left hand side of the washing line in the vegetable garden behind the Farmhouse. Please empty the bag into the compost and dispose of the plastic bag as the bin is filling up faster than the bags degrade. If you need more compost caddy bags during your stay, just ask.


We use eco-friendly cleaning products from Green My Business in all our cottages, and they’ve trained our cleaning staff how to use them most effectively to minimise waste.

Somewhere you can
always come back to

We’d love for Bosinver to be your home away from home – that’s why we’re incredibly touched that 70% of our guests return year after year, whilst at least 6 families have been holidaying with us for over 30 years.

We include up to a whopping £475* of Extras in your holiday!

Your young family holidays will be some of the most special you take. To make sure you get great value from your break at Bosinver, we include a whopping £475 worth of activities and facilities within the price of your holiday. So once you arrive you’ll know that you can relax and enjoy the time you spend with us without worrying about additional costs.

*When compared to similar venues that charge extra for activities, facilities and equipment.

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The very latest from the bosinver team

Action Nan and the rest of the team are always busy writing posts that we think you’ll like – from top tips on where to take the kids, to what’s likely to be going on in the local area when you stay – we’ve got it all in our blog!